Can you claim your first aid course fee on your private health insurance?

Did you know that you may be able to make a private health insurance claim part for part, or all, of your first aid training course fee?

Depending on the fund, and the level of extras or packaged cover you have, your health insurer may pay for your first aid course. Check with your health insurer to see if this item is included.

Terms and conditions may apply. For example, the training must be nationally accredited, and must be provided by a government-accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Your health insurer will be able to advise the full requirements.

It’s great to see that some health funds are recognising the importance of first aid training in your overall health management, and are acknowledging that a first aid course can contribute to the health maintenance of your family members.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote for group training, please email or phone 0427 571 594.

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